Auditions for our summer show – 10 April

Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel
Directed by Michele Arkle
AUDITION DATE:  Wednesday 10th April at 7.45 pm
PERFORMANCE DATES:  25/26/27 July 2024

This is a memory play, set in the home of the Mundy family, just outside the fictional village of Ballybeg in rural Ireland, during the summer of 1936. The action takes place in the past, and is paused for moments of reflection from the adult Michael, who recalls the memories of his childhood from a present-day perspective. The characters move back and forth between the world of reality and illusion.
The child Michael lives with his unmarried mother Chris and his four unmarried aunts, Kate, Maggie, Agnes and Rose. Music and dancing are central themes, and the new wireless radio, they call ‘Marconi’ represents significant change in their lives and the world around them.  Father Jack, Michael’s uncle, returns in disgrace from his position as a missionary in a leper colony, and Michael’s father Gerry, visits unexpectedly with his charms and flattery and promises.

Irish accents are essential for the 5 sisters and Michael. Gerry is Welsh. Jack has a very faint Irish accent.

Kate Mundy: School teacher and eldest of the sisters. She acts like a parent to her younger sisters. Appears controlling, bossy, repressed and authoritarian. However, she hides behind a mask and her vulnerability becomes evident towards the end. Acting age 50’s.

Maggie Mundy: Cook and housekeeper. She is the joker of the family, and peacemaker. She is larger than life, light hearted and full of energy. She appears drab and hides her femininity, but has a hidden passion. Acting age 40’s

Agnes Mundy: Knitter, who helps support the family. Generally quiet, but with depth and strength to her character.  She is Rose’s protector. Has feelings for Gerry Evans and frustration at being unappreciated by Kate.  Acting age 40’s

Rose Mundy: Knitter. She has learning disabilities, is carefree and quite rebellious. Has no awareness of what she is saying and is in her own world at times. Is in love with the unseen Danny Bradley. Acting age 40’s

Chris Mundy: Mother to 7-year-old Michael. She is a strong and independent woman, who has a defiant streak.  Her weakness is Gerry Evans, who she dances with and falls in love with all over again. There is sadness underneath though as she doesn’t find the happiness she deserves. Acting age late 30’s

Michael Evans: The narrator and voice of the young Michael. He describes the action of the play through direct monologue to the audience in the form of nostalgic reminiscence of his childhood. The child Michael is happy and content with a vivid imagination. Acting age nonspecific.

Jack Mundy: A former missionary priest in Uganda, who has returned home with Malaria. He participated in non-Christian ceremonies and now struggles with the English language. He is unclear where he is, and who he is with, most of the time. Often in a world of his own, he confuses his sisters and openly shares stories of and acts out pagan rituals. Acting age 60’s.

Gerry Evans: The irresponsible father of Michael. An unreliable charmer, who does whatever he wants in life. He promises things to Michael and Chris, but never delivers. A great dancer who captivates the ladies, a salesman who sells nothing but stories. He’s enthusiastic and excitable but superficial with it. Acting age late 30’s

There is dancing which will require additional rehearsals. Dates and time to be agreed when the play has been cast.

If you would like a copy of the script or more information, please message Michele at